Volare: Sidebar options

Volare comes with a powerful and intelligent sidebar that can be used for showcasing your custom content. 

Unlike our own themes, Volare has a separate extension that controls the sidebar. This is included for free within the Volare download file, and must be installed in addition to the Volare theme settings control panel. 

Sidebar options

Option Name Value Output
Enable Sidebars? Yes


Sidebar Location Global

Index only

Enable Login /  Profile Widget

Shows profile information when logged in. 

Shows login form when logged out. 


Sidebar width Custom

The sidebar width adjusts according to your chosen preference 

Setting the sidebar options

  1. Open the Volare sidebars extension
  2. Configure sidebar options as desired
  3. Submit

Adding social links

  1. Open the Volare sidebars extension
  2. Under Social Links, add the full URL to the corresponding social page (including http://)
  3. Submit


Adding custom content

  1. Open FlightDeck extension (control panel)
  2. Scroll to bottom
  3. Enter custom content in Left Sidebar Custom Content or Right Sidebar Custom Content
  4. Submit

The sidebars support HTML and special characters. See examples in section below.

The sidebars don't support template events, IF statements, JavaScript, PHP etc. These need to be added to the template files manually (sidebar_left.html and sidebar_right.html).

Custom content code examples

These can be entered through the FlightDeck extension (see steps above)

Sidebar content Preview Code
 125 x 125 Grid

<div class="sidebarWidget gridWidget">         <a href="#"><img src="#” /></a>         <a href="#"><img src="#” /></a>         <a href="#"><img src="#” /></a>         <a href="#"><img src="#” /></a>  </div>
Everything else
<div class=”sidebarWidget”>     * Your code here * 
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