Milk: Accent colour options

Milk allows you to either use a gradient preset colour scheme, or choose your own accent using a colour picker.

Colour scheme previews

Option nameOutput



Blue Lagoon

Calm Darya

Electric Violet


Hot Red

Ibiza Sunset

Little Leaf

Neon Blue


Pacific Dream


Purple Love

Rose Water



Warm Sunset

Choosing a preset colour scheme

  1. Open the FlightDeck extension (control panel)

  2. Find "Theme preset colour"

  3. Set as required

  4. Submit

Setting your own accent colour

  1. Open the FlightDeck extension (control panel)

  2. Set "Theme Preset Colour" to "Custom (use colour picker below)"

  3. On the row below, set "Theme Accent Colour" to a colour of your choice, or enter a hexadecimal colour value:

  4. Submit

Adding or modifying a preset gradient

Rather than add a new gradient switch to FlightDeck, it is easier to modify the stylesheet for a theme preset you don't like.

In this example we'll modify the "Pacific Dream" stylesheet.

  1. In FlightDeck, select the Pacific_Dream preset

  2. The colour definitions are stored in:

  3. Modify the colour and gradient values as desired

We recommend using a CSS3 gradient generator such as to automatically generate new code for your own gradient.

See: How to edit code files

Some custom presets might cause the footer links to blend into the background. This can be remedied by enabling the "High contrast footer links" option in FlightDeck.

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