Milk: Social footer options

Milk's social bar can be used for displaying links to social pages or other websites related to your community.

Social bar options

Option nameValueOutput

Hide Social Bar (footer)



Enabling the social bar

  1. Open the FlightDeck extension (control panel)

  2. Find "Hide Social Bar (footer)"

  3. Set as required

  4. Submit

  1. Open the FlightDeck extension (control panel)

  2. Scroll to the bottom

  3. Following the link format, paste your links into the Social Footer Code section

  4. Submit

Link format:

<a href=""><span class="fa fa-facebook"></span></a>

The icon image is served by FontAwesome. In this case fa-facebook represents the facebook icon. You can find a full list of supported icons here: FontAwesome 4.7 Icons.

Click an icon to find the fa- name, which can be used to replace fa-facebook above.

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