How to add your own code to our themes

In some cases you might want to add your own code, as such as advertising or analytics tracking. Advanced users might want to adjust our native CSS or add their own markup.

Adding code to <head>

Our Milk and H2O theme control panels can add global <head> code through the ACP.

  1. In ACP → Extensions → Theme Settings

  2. Enter your code into Global <head> Code

  3. Submit

Adding sidebar code


  • Milk: Sidebar options (link needed)

  • H2O: Sidebar options (link needed)

Adding new code by manual editing

If you are only making a few small changes, you can add your own code by modifying the theme's HTML and CSS files.

These are located in:

See: How to edit code files

Using this method, you might lose the changes you make when updating the theme.

Adding new code in other locations

It is recommended to check phpBB's official extension database, as the functionality you're looking for might already be available as a pre-packaged extension.

For larger and more substantial changes, send us a message. We'll discuss the scope of the changes you'd like to make, and suggest the best method of implementation.

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