Milk: Layout width

Milk has 2 available layout widths. This option controls the width of the white background container and navbar links.

Option nameValuesOutput

Layout type Defines the content wrapper width


(95% width)


(1200px width)

Changing the layout width

  1. Open the FlightDeck extension (control panel)

  2. Find "Layout type"

  3. Set as required

  4. Submit

Adjusting the width values

The fluid width is defined in:

.body-layout-Fluid #inner-wrap {
    width: 95%;
    margin: 0 auto;

The boxed width is defined in:

    /* Fix the body layout for large desktop devices */
    .body-layout-Boxed .wrap {width: 1200px;}

See: How to edit code files

Responsive layout information

  • Fluid layout is only applicable to viewports above 1200px width (unless changed manually, as above)

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