How to install our phpBB themes

There are 2 steps to complete in order to install our phpBB themes:

  1. Install the theme (front-end design)
  2. Install the control panel extension (configures colours and features) (how to)

Uploading the theme files:

Here we use our Milk theme as an example

  1. Download the theme files
  2. Extract to your desktop
  3. Open the folder corresponding to the phpBB version you're using
  4. Open folder 1. Theme Files
  5. Using a file manager, upload to
  6. Extract it in that location. Your file tree should look like this:

    Note: Your "styles" folder should contain "Milk_v2", which contains "theme", "template" and "style.cfg"

  7. Delete from your file system

Enabling the theme:

  1. Navigate to: ACP (Admin Control Panel) → "Customise" (tab)
  2. In the left sidebar, click "Install Styles"
  3. Locate the theme
  4. Click "Install style"
  5. Confirm
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