H2O: Add a full-page background


Add a full-page background image to the H2O theme


See: How to edit code files

  1. Upload your background image to: yourforum.com/styles/H2O/theme/images/
  2. Open: yourforum.com/styles/H2O/theme/palette.css
  3. Find:
    /* Middle grey (dark bg) */
  4. On a new line above, add:
    html, body {
        background-color: #171B24;
        background-image: url("./images/s0KDwM.jpg");
        background-repeat: repeat;
        background-position: left top;
        background-attachment: fixed;
    .wrap {
        background: none !important;
  5. Edit the file path to background image
  6. Edit the background CSS properties as desired
  7. Purge cache


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